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“Magistral Ltd” company was founded in 1992 in Gous-Khroustalny city, Vladimir region, Russia. People work with glass in this area more than two hundred years. Over the years unique operational experience in this field passed from one generation to another was accumulated. Yuri Maksyukov (founder of the company) and shared his ideas people combined Gous-Khroustalny glassmakers' experience and advanced industrial designs in the field of glass hardening and bulletproof glass making. During its activity “Magistral Ltd” has being always improved manufacture process technology and refined output quality.

Today “Magistral Ltd” is a modern enterprise with its own live developing manufacturing basis. The main production of the company is security glazing for different modes of transport both Russian and imported. Windshields, rear and front windows of different colors and curvature are produced in the company's departments. Also “Magistral Ltd” manufactures sinking glasses and glasses with holes or embrasures.

The main line of activity is manufacture of safety laminated glass. Today all technology types of its production are accumulated in the plant. Manufacturing equipment enables to make flat safety glazing with dimensions up to 3200 × 1700, also it permits to produce tinted, plate and uncolored flat and bend glass of different shapes.

We use only high-quality float glass and PVB films from the best Russian and European manufacturers to produce laminated glass. Company successfully applies modern science and engineering achievements in its activity and uses high-tech equipment of well-known manufacturers as well.

7 gravity bending furnaces were built and commissioned, 5 autoclaves for product lamination were modernized. Departments of glass block building and gluing of tinted and safety films were extended and equipped with climate systems. There are two lines of glass chemical hardening in the plant. It enables to achieve minimum glass thickness of every safety level.

In 2005 new Italian glass processing equipment was activated and that makes it possible to exceed many Russian bulletproof glass manufactures in the field of quality and entry the European level of bullet resistant glazing production.

The fundamental principle of company's activity is priority of customers' inquiries and needs. Observance of this concept allowed us to stand leading positions in the Russian market of safety laminated glass. Attention to high quality, technology improvement and technical re-equipment enables “Magistral Ltd” not only to hold its positions in tough competition but also to open new market segments.

Chief Executive officer:
Mikhail Maksyukov
Executive manager:
Nikolay Mozhaev

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For the clean city!
Magistral company together with our partner Megastek started production of glazing for the cabins of public works trucks. MK2000 is an absolutely new development of PAO «MZIK» intended for territory cleaning replacing hand-labour. Vehicle is equipped with two-man cabin. Because of huge area of glazing cabin provides a real good observability of the work zone for the driver.
Moscow, Red Square, Victory Day Parade
Modernized armored vehicles Typhoon-K produced by KamAZ plant and Typhoon-U from Ural’s vehicle builders made a WOW moment in 2017 Victory Day Parade in Moscow. Magistral GC bullet resistant glasses installed on both vehicles ensure protection of the crew against 14,5 mm API bullets and 8 kgs (TNT equivalent) bombs and IEDs.

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9.621 bullet resistant glass pieces are manufactured in 2017

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