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How to protect yourself against axe intrusion?
Protection against intrusion in your house or office may be invisible for the eyes with safety glasses produced by Magistral Ltd under special innovative technology. Protection is ensured according to R6V level of GOST standard and confirmed with test certificate issued by SBO Service test laboratory.
Patrol for RosGuards
Patrol special armoured vehicles produced against Government Defense Order were passed to RosGuards during special ceremony took place in Naberezhnye Chelny on the 23rd of November, 2017. In 2017 vehicle was successfully tested and accepted by RosGuards divisions. All-metal welded body of the vehicle and ballistic glasses produced by Magistral Ltd ensure reliable protection of the crew.
Volgabus. Innovative trasport solutions
Innovative technologies and high-precision production of the new generation city transport are required to achieve comfort of the driver and passengers. Magistral Ltd and Megastek companies provide glazing for buses assembled on the new plant in Sobinka area of Vladimir region. State-of-the-art design, safety and comfort are signature features of Volgabus buses.
Armoured vehicle for EAEU countries
Russian special vehicles manufacturer Euracom presented new CIT vehicle based on Mercedes Benz Classic 311/313 CDI to be used in the countries of EAEU. Ballistic glazing supplied by Magistral Ltd successfully withstood shooting tests with Kalashnikov machine-gun. Quality and reliable protection of our glass is confirmed once again.
For the clean city!
Magistral company together with our partner Megastek started production of glazing for the cabins of public works trucks. MK2000 is an absolutely new development of PAO MZIK intended for territory cleaning replacing hand-labour. Vehicle is equipped with two-man cabin. Because of huge area of glazing cabin provides a real good observability of the work zone for the driver.
Moscow, Red Square, Victory Day Parade
Modernized armored vehicles Typhoon-K produced by KamAZ plant and Typhoon-U from Urals vehicle builders made a WOW moment in 2017 Victory Day Parade in Moscow. Magistral GC bullet resistant glasses installed on both vehicles ensure protection of the crew against 14,5 mm API bullets and 8 kgs (TNT equivalent) bombs and IEDs.
Integration results
Expecting the Vth International Economic Forum taking place in Vladimir between the 19th and 21st of May OAO KEMZ presented its new AHT 4135F tractor. NPO Voyage and Magistral GC manufactured cabin and glazing for that project. New tractor is an agricultural high quality machine and a result of Vladimir region companies scientists, engineers and technical specialists hard work for the last two years.
Magistral started production of safety glazing for metro coaches
Magistral produced another batch of safety glazing for metro coaches manufactured by NPO Voyage. Part of the produced glass units are painted with views of Moscow seesights.
Magistral office in United Arab Emirates now has its own stock of armored glass.
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According to the results of due diligence of Magistral Ltd performed by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH in the end of 2016 Quality Management System of Magistral Ltd company was acknowledged 100% effective and corresponding to the requirements of ISO 9001.
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Bulk supply of fire-resistant double-glazing for sea vessels viewports
For Gatchina sea machines plant Seelowe Magistral Ltd produced alarge lot ofA0 and A60 fire-resistant double-glazed units tobeinstalled into sea vessels viewports. Fire-resistant double-glazed units ensure safety ofthe vessel crew and passengers incase offire danger.
In the period from the 6th and until the 11th of September in Convention Centre «Patriot» Russian Ministry of Defense hold the Second International Defense and Engineering exhibition «Army 2016».
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Glass units of BR2NS protection level of DIN EN 1063 standard were successfully tested in Banc National d'Epreuve laboratory in Saint-Etienne, France. These tests were performed under the contract for supply of BR2NS and BR4NS glass units to the customer in South China region.
Magistral Ltd continues to enlarge its presence on international market of ballistic glass. For one of our Middle East partners we have developed and produced bullet resistant glazing for BMW750 Li. That engineering work enabled us to start deliveries of ballistic glasses to Lebanon. Ballistic glass sets for BMW750 Li protecting according to Class 6 of VPAM-PM 2007 are made of 8 glass units: backlight is equipped with tltctrical heating system while door glasses are movable and have polished edge surface.
Together with Armor Group company the largest in Russia armored vehicles builder specialized on armoring of Infiniti, Mercedes, Lexus and Toyota models we developed bullet resistant glazing for Toyota Tundra.
As a result of the verification audit performed by TUV SUD Management Service GmbH Magistral Ltd quality management system is confirmed effective and corresponding with the requirements of ISO 9001.
International exhibition ofarms, military equipment and ammunition Russia Arms Expo 2015is finished inNizhniy Tagil. Leading Russian manufacturers ofarmored vehicles showed their serial models and new projects.
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Together with Armor Group company based inNizhniy Novgorod Magistral developed and produced armored glazing for Mercedes S600 (modern body). Armor Group isthe largest inRussia builder ofarmored vehicles based onthe chassis ofInfiniti, Mercedes, Lexus and Toyota. For pictures check link below.
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IDEX 2015 international exhibition closed its doors in Abu Dhabi, UAE
More than 100.000 visitors attended that well-known fare tolearn more about last developments inthe field ofweapons, military and defense equipment demonstrated by1200 companies from 56countries all over the world.
Magistral Ltd again confirmed efficiency of its Quality Management System
Twice ayear Quality Management System ofMagistral company ischecked byindependent auditors and wealways welcome inspections from our customers.20% ofour employees are engaged inQuality Control activities and more than 10Quality Control stations are incorporated into the production chain.
Magistral Ltd will participate in IDEX 2015 event to be held in Abu-Dhabi, UAE from 22th to 26th of February. Visit us at booth # C01 in the 11th exhibition hall.
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Ballistic glazing for Patrol project is worked up
For one of the biggest Russian manufacturers of the special military vehicles ZAO «Astais» we developed bullet resistant glasses intended for Patrol project. Windscreen and cabin glasses are equipped with double electrical heating system and side glasses may be upgraded with gun-ports to reply the enemy fire.
Bullet resistant glazing for Renault Duster is developed
Our product line is broadened. We developed and supplied bullet resistant glasses for Renault Duster vehicle armored by Nevskaya Technicheskaya companiya.
Innovative high-speed boats ofSirius project are glazed
Inclose collaboration with Evolution Motors company started inNovember, 2013 Magistral developed and produced glasses for innovative high-speed boats Sirius 24and Sirius 24J.
Big international exhibition Eurosatory 2014 has finished its work in Paris, France. During the exhibition more than 55000 visitors had a chance to see products of 1504 companies from 58 countries. Second time we took part in Eurosatory event and our bullet resistant glasses attracted a lot of interest of the concerned specialists.
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Test in the prairie
In the end of 2019 a successful testing of APC Eagle in Kazakhstan was performed. Magistral Ltd supplied glasses for that vehicle. For that project we have produced BR7NS glass set with gun ports of our new design according to EN 1063 standard. Both glasses and gun-ports give protection against 7.62*51 armor-piercing bullets.
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Continuous RMRS certification
In December of 2019 tempered glass produced by Magistral LTD successfully passed tests according to the requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS). In addition to that we are the first and unique company in Russia successfully certified bullet resistant glasses according to the requirements of RMRS.
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