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Starting from the 29th of December 2012 and until the 22nd of January production and engineering divisions of Magistral Ltd will be on regular vacation. Placement of new orders and shipments of the goods from warehouse will run in the ordinary course. In case of any questions or requests during that period you may contact marketing department. Contact information.
KAMAZ-Master's team has a successful performance in the traditional rally SILK WAY 2012, continuing from 07.07 to 13.07. Special for this rally Magistral Company's specialists produced wind electric heating glasses, which perfectly proved themselves in difficult conditions of the race.
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Manufactured by Magistral ballistic glass units saved soldiers
In August, 2011 in Chechnya command and staff armored vehicle Tigr was attacked by the gunmen. They fired AK-47, Dragunov sniper rifle and grenade launcher. Tigr vehicle was equipped with ballistic glass units produced by Magistral and which again proved their reliability, defended people and saved their lives.
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Magistral showed new products during Eurosatory 2012 in Paris, France
Armored glass units produced by Magistral were shown on our booth and in the vehicles. Command vehicle Tigr was equipped with BR 6 NS glass units with installed gun ports to fire back and Ural-AZ (new Russian APC) had transparent armor specially developed by engineers of Magistral according to level IV of STANAG 4569.
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Visit us at Eurosatory 2012 event!
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Starting from 30th of July 2012 and until the 12th of August 2012 production and engineering divisions of Magistral Ltd will be on regular vacation. During that period you may contact marketing department in case of any qyestions or requests. Contact information.
Magistral has carried out shooting tests under hard enviromental conditions.
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We ship our bullet resistant glass to Canada and US.
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For one of the Russian companies located in Saint-Petersburg we developed and produced bullet resistant glazing for Mercedes-Benz Axor.
In November quality management system of Magistral Ltd was acknowledged as modern and effective and was recertified by TUV Management Service GmbH according to the ISO 9001:2008 requirements.
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67 mm bullet resistant glass produced by Magistral was certified in accordance with BR 7 NS protection level.
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Magistral Ltd industrial department will be on vacation from the 30th of December till the 23rd of January. Necessary explanations you may receive in marketing department. Contact details.
In the European testing laboratory of the bullet resistant materials we carried out successful trials of our glass 65.5 mm in thickness in accordance with BR 7 NS protection level – the highest one specified in DIN EN 1063. This glass extends range of innovative products manufactured by “Magistral Ltd”.
In the middle of June live demonstration of the promising armored vehicles was carried out in Bronnicy city, Moscow region. Potential of the new innovative vehicles such as Tigr, Medved, KamAZ, Ural, UAZ was demonstrated. Armored vehicles of the Taifun project were presented. Magistral Ltd developed bullet resistant glass with unique ballistic performance for the vehicles of that project.
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“Magistral Ltd” developed bullet resistant glass standing against attack from the Vladimirov heavy machinegun (KPV according to Russian military specifications) with the AP bullet B-32 (14,5 × 114 mm).
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According to the “Program of the production growth and modernizaion”. “Magistral Ltd” built and put into operation new bending furnace. This furnace like the furnace # 8 makes it possible to bend 2 windshields at the same time. Growth of the production capacities helps us to reduce terms of order execution.
Magistral Ltd has developed and manufactured bullet resistant glazing for Fiat Doblo according to BR 4 NS protection level of DIN EN 1063 standard. Owning to that we concluded a contract with the European armored vehicles builder for supply of 15 glass sets for Fiat Doblo.
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In the end of February of 2011 Magistral Ltd participated in the international exhibition IDEX-2011 in Abu-Dhabi, United Arabian Emirates. Stand of the company with the serial products and new developments attracted a lot of interest from the side of the visitors of exhibition and specialists.
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On December 28th, 2010 bullet resistant glass manufactured by Magistral Ltd saved from the bullets and kept alive 2 employees of the encashment service company. Money collectors were in the vehicle when criminals opened fire from the automatic weapon.
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Because of application of the innovative materials and new technologies we have developed and successfully tested bullet resistant glass of 46 mm in thickness according to the level II of STANAG 4569 standard.
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Magistral Ltd has developed and manufactured bullet resistant glass set for the Rolls-Royce Silver Spur vehicle in accordance with the BR 6 NS protection level of the DIN EN 1063.
Starting from 2011 Magistral Ltd bring the new united vacation for the main manufacture employees. First vacation will begin on January 11th, 2011 and be in force till January 24th, 2010 inclusive.
Magistral Ltd company took part in the International Defence Exhibition of Land Forces IDELF-2010 took place in Joukowski, Moscow region. We have presented new developments such as safety glass with the new system of wireless heating and smart-glass with variable transparency.
Magistral Ltd jointly with military developments department of Military Industrial Company has developed armoured glazing for the vehicle VPK-3927 Wolf which was shown to general public on the 4th International Defence Exhibition IDELF-2010.
Salon Eurosatory 2010 took place in Paris in the middle of June. COMBAT armoured vehicles with the bullet resistant glasses made by Magistral were one of the most fascinating exhibits of the fair.
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Next armoured Mercedes Benz S-Klasse
Within November 2018 Magistral Ltd produced next set of bullet resistant glasses for Mercedes Benz S-Klasse. It was delivered to our old friend and partner Armor Group specializing on production of luxury armored vehicles since 2006.
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Combat vehicle on EDEX-2018 in Cairo, Egypt
During EDEX-2018 exhibition taking place from the 3rd and till the 5th of December 2018 in Cairo, Egypt Magistral ballistic resistant glasses will be presented by our old friend and partner Kombat Armoring Company, Estonia.
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