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Ballistic tests of our glass in Pakistan


In July 2018 Magistral representative took part in ballistic tests of our glasses performed in the shooting range of Heavy Industries Taxila company, Pakistan. Within those tests our customer wanted to ensure ballistic performance of our glasses according to BR7NS level of EN 1063 standard after extreme weather conditioning (12 hours) of the samples. All samples passed ballistic tests after 12 hours holding both at +63°C degrees and –43°C. Few samples even exceeded requirements of our customer. By the results of these periodic shooting and climatic tests Magistral ensured performance of our bullet resistant glasses protecting our customers at any environment temperature.

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Attention regarding Victory day vacations!
Dearest partners! Starting from the 17th and until the 31st of August 2020 production and engineering divisions of Magistral Ltd will be on annual vacations.
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Productivity increase
Starting from 2020 Magistral Ltd is involved into the «Workforce Productivity and Employment Support» National project. Goal of the project is to increase workforce productivity using methods of lean production and to increase quality and engagement of personnel.
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New edition of Magistral Ltd guidelines
Starting from April of 2020 Magistral Ltd constitutes new editions of guidelines and recommendations in the field of work with safety laminated bullet resistant glasses and gun-ports of in-house production.
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