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Another new project from Belarus Republic


One of the new vehicles presented within 9th International exhibition Milex-2019 in Minsk is Multipurpose Armored Platform (MAP) from MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) series of vehicles.

Vehicle is designed for transportation of different modules and its use in combat conditions. Designers of MAP used Belarus manufactured units mostly. But supply of armored glasses for the vehicle they trusted to Magistral company. For MAP we manufactured ballistic glazing of Level III according to STANAG 4569. That means our glasses withstand shots with 7,62*54R B-32 and/or 7,62*51 WC armor piercing bullets from sniper rifles.

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Attention regarding Victory day vacations!
Dearest partners! Starting from the 17th and until the 31st of August 2020 production and engineering divisions of Magistral Ltd will be on annual vacations.
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Productivity increase
Starting from 2020 Magistral Ltd is involved into the «Workforce Productivity and Employment Support» National project. Goal of the project is to increase workforce productivity using methods of lean production and to increase quality and engagement of personnel.
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New edition of Magistral Ltd guidelines
Starting from April of 2020 Magistral Ltd constitutes new editions of guidelines and recommendations in the field of work with safety laminated bullet resistant glasses and gun-ports of in-house production.
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