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Successful test of visor for ballistic helmet “Lynx-T”


In December 2019 Magistral Ltd successfully tested bullet resistant visor to be used in “Lynx-T” helmet produced by our old patron NII Stali Research Institute.

Visor glass measuring 260 × 66 × 16.5 mm produced of high-duty glass and plastic plies withstood ballistic test with 9 mm Pst bullets (mark 54-H-181C) from Stechkin automatic pistol (Бр1 protection level) from 5 meters. No penetration occurred.

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BR7NS glasses 62 mm thick
In November 2020 Magistral LTD successfully finished ballistic tests and certification of bullet resistant glass with thickness of 62 mm according to BR7NS protection level which is 5–15 mm less than most of the variants available on the market.
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Continuous BR4NS certification
In September and October 2020 ballistic glass produced by Magistral LTD successfully passed the ballistic test according to BR4NS protection level.
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