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“Magistral Ltd” developed bullet resistant glass standing against attack from the Vladimirov heavy machinegun (KPV according to Russian military specifications) with the AP bullet B-32 (14,5 × 114 mm).

According to the demand and requirements of the companies manufacturing armored vehicles under the orders of the Russian Ministry of defence and in accordance with the performance specification of the “Taifun” project “Magistral Ltd” carried out great research work to find new materials and to implement our innovative technology of the glass hardening. In compliance with the “Taifun” project performance specification bullet resistant glass has to protect against two shots from the Vladimirov heavy machinegun with the AP bullet B-32 (14,5 × 114 mm). Distance between the hits has to be 280–300 mm.

As a result we developed and successfully tested in the public corporation “Research Institute of Steel” (“NII Stali” bullet resistant glasses with the thickness of 128,5–129 mm and dimensions of 500 × 500 mm. Those glasses standed against two shots with the mentioned projectile. Bullet velocity at the hit moment was 911+-10 m/s. No damage presented.

Performance of this armored glass considerably exceeds specifications of the Russian GOST P 51136 and GOST P 50963 (highest protection level as 6a standing 3 shots from the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD) with the API bullet B-32, 7,62 × 54 mm). During the glass development we also used specifications of the STANAG 4569 standard level IV. Level IV of STANAG 4569 requires protection against attack with the AP bullet B-32 (14,5 × 114 mm) from 200 m distance, bullet velocity is 891–931 m/s.

After successful trials we manufactured first sets of the high transparent bullet resistant glass with double electrical heating for the promising armored vehicles of “Taifun” project.

“Magistral Ltd” does not stop halfway and continues investigations to reduce thickness and therefore weight of the bullet resistant glass preserving required protection level.

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