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Vacation schedule

Since 2011 Magistral LTD improved vacation schedule for all production service employees. This is necessary for production service regularization, timely execution of orders and service improvement.

Two times a year for two weeks at first half a year and two weeks at summertime we suspend manufacture of products.

The second vacation of 2018 will last since 13/08 to 26/08 inclusively.

New orders reception and shipment of finished products is not suspended. Consultations will be available in sales department.

Testing of helmet visors
Magistral LTD continues improvement of its production of helmet visors. Within last few weeks we performed a range of successful ballistic tests of our visors at normal and +40/-40C extreme temperatures as well according to protection level BR1 (GOST R 50477-95 standard).
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Bulletproof glass for Arlan vehicle
InApril of2018we produced another batch ofbulletproof glasses for Arlan vehicle made byour customer from Kazakhstan Republic. This bulletproof glass has one ofthe highest protection levels STANAG III and ensures protection against Dragunov rifle and .308 Win armor piercing bullets.
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10.957 bullet resistant glass pieces are manufactured in 2017

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