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Safety laminated glass produced by “Magistral Ltd” is testing according GOST P 51136-2008 requirements and customer's drafts in geometry, composition, transparency, optical properties, light stability etc. Subject to protection level we conduct impact-, breakdown- and bullet resistant tests.

Grand attention is given to the inspection of output products. Technical inspection department is fit out with all necessary equipment and product inspection plants according GOST 51136-2008.

“Magistral Ltd” quality policy

The main long-range goal of our enterprise activity is satisfaction of the needs, requests and expectations of our customers. To succeed in this activity we permanently control glass manufacture that is the basis for long-term demand of the company and enables us to increase our reputation as a reliable partner.

The first-priority importance in the enterprises activity is its customers satisfaction. Manufactured and sold products volume, proceeds and profit of the company are the characteristics of our customers satisfaction and their needs anticipation only.

This policy is being realized by:

  1. Satisfaction and anticipation of the current and future customers requests.
  2. Manufacturing of the stable high-quality products, growth of our products competitiveness and outlets extending.
  3. Increasing of the equipment productivity with the usage of automation means and new technology realization.
  4. Effective personal management and working conditions improving.
  5. Forming of the “Magistral Ltd” image as a reliable partner offering only high-quality products and service.

To achieve assigned goals we create, keep up in active status and permanently improve quality management system (QMS) according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2000.

Management of the “Magistral Ltd” is responsible for this police realization, its bringing to employees notice and conditions arrangement to involve enterprise workers into the process of the permanent quality improvement and QMS development.

Companys management expects from the every employee high activity to implement this policy into enterprise labor activity.

Impact-resistant glass (class A)

To execute impact-resistant test special equipment is needed. That equipment enables to influence the tested sample with the single attack of free-falling steel 4,11 kg ball from the heights of 3,5; 6,5 and 9,5 meters. Ball should attack every sample three times from the stated height into the equilateral triangle vertexes. After each blow type of destruction should be estimated.

Breakdown-resistant glass (class B)

Resistance of glass against breakdown may be controlled on equipment which enables to hit the tested sample with the hammer or axe. Hit velocities should provide the specified stress energy at the moment of the strike. Angle between surface normal of the sample and tangent to the axe blade should be equaled to 653.5?. The test starts with the hits of hammer pane or axe back in the sample until its destruction. After that axe blade hits crushed spots until the through square hole is made. Protection level may be defined according to the total amount of axe back and blade hits.

Breakdown-resistant glass classification:

Bullet resistance

Glass bullet resistance is controlled in the shooting galleries which provide the necessary protection level. Field test confirms that glass corresponds with the TND (technological normative documents) requirements in full. For the test 3 500*500 samples should be selected after climatic test. 3 shots should be made into the vertexes of the equilateral triangle (side length is 120 mm) on the each sample. Bullet velocity after each shot has to be measured and recorded. Type of destruction has to be controlled after every shot under the witness plate and back side of the sample. Punch is the through shot made by the bullet or by the spall in the sample surface.

Technical description of the “Magistral Ltd” bullet resistant glass:

Protection level Weapon type Cartridge type Bullet description Glass thickness, mm Areal densitykg/m² Transparency
Core type Weight, g Velocity, m/s
5CR AK-47 7,62 × 39 mm Hardened steel 7,9 710740 39 92 > 75%
Dragunov rifle 7,62 × 54 mm Steel 9,6 820840
5a CR AK-47 7,62 × 39 mm API 7,4 720750 46 106 > 72%
6 CR Dragunov rifle 7,62 × 54 mm Hardened steel 9,6 820840 67 158 > 61%
6a CR Dragunov rifle 7,62 × 54 mm API 10,4 800830 67 158 > 61%

BR 4 NS .44 Rem Magnum .44 Magnum Lead 15,6 430450 22 50 > 78%
BR 6 NS .223 Rem 5,56 × 45 mm (SS109) Lead 4,1 940960 39 92 > 75%
.308 Win 7,62 × 51 mm (M80) Lead 9,5 820840
BR 7 NS .308 Win 7,62 × 51 mm (M61) Hardened steel 9,8 810830 67 158 > 61%

Stanag I .223 Rem 5,56 × 45 mm (SS109) Lead 4,1 880920 39 92 > 75%
.308 Win 7,62 × 51 mm (M80) Lead 9,5 810850
155 mm (artillery) 20 mm FSP Steel 53,8 550
Stanag II AK-47 7,62 × 39 mm API 7,4 675715 50 116 > 70%
155 mm (artillery) 20 mm FSP Steel 53,8 630
Stanag III .308 Win 7,62 × 51 mm Tungsten carbide 8,3 910950 81 190 >55%
Dragunov rifle 7,62 × 54 mm API 10,4 835875
155 mm (artillery) 20 mm FSP Steel 53,8 770
Stanag IV Vladimirov heavy machine gun 14,5 × 114 mm API 59,6 890930 130 305 > 50%
155 mm (artillery) 20 mm FSP Steel 53,8 960

Armoured vehicles with bulletproof glazing from “Magistral Ltd” had proven its good reliability in the military operations.

During the work with government and defense orders “Magistral Ltd” generated traditions of relations and principles of customers service built on the full understanding, responsibility and mutual support. We understand significance of manufactured products and importance of orders execution with the highest accuracy and exactly at a stipulated time. Therefore “Magistral Ltd” employees attach large value to the quality control and on-time execution of all orders without any exception.

The company performs to meet all customers requests in the best way. We are focused on product specification, design, package, terms of payment and delivery.

We attach large importance to our customers interests. Our quality representative works directly with our customer companies employees. That is why information about any complains or desires of our partners goes to the chief executive officer directly.

The output undergoes bullet resistant test under the different conditions. It makes possible for us to guarantee your family and friends and you the safe protection.

If you work with us you may be sure that you have truly reliable and honest partner.

BR7NS glasses 62 mm thick
In November 2020 Magistral LTD successfully finished ballistic tests and certification of bullet resistant glass with thickness of 62 mm according to BR7NS protection level which is 515 mm less than most of the variants available on the market.
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Continuous BR4NS certification
In September and October 2020 ballistic glass produced by Magistral LTD successfully passed the ballistic test according to BR4NS protection level.
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