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About bullet resistant glass

Magistral LTD produces safety laminated glass in accordance to the Russian, European, NATO and other Standards of the ballistic glass of the mainly used protection levels.

BR4NS, BR6NS, BR7NS for the European DIN EN 1063 — the most frequently used standard for the ballistic vehicles and other ballistic projects all over the world. Bulletproof glass is resistant to the Impact of firearm and protects people’s lives in military conflict areas, police and bank workplaces. Such glass may be also installed into the special and military vehicles, shooting galleries and buildings. Bulletproof glass according to this standard is supplied by Magistral LTD to such countries as UAE, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Philippines and others.

One more frequently used standard is STANAG 4569. It is also often used for military projects in many countries all over the world. Glasses according to this standard are also requested and supplied to UAE, Canada, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Egypt, India and others.

Our company has certified constructions tested in European laboratories in Czech Republic, Germany, France and also in Middle East and American test facilities.

Magistral Ltd on Red Square parade
Parade in memory of winners in World War II took place in Moscow on the 24th of June 2020. Few dozens of armored vehicles with glasses developed and produced by Magistral Ltd were included in mechanized convoys going through Red Square.
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Magistral Ltd bullet resistant glasses on Victory Day parade in Minsk
On the 9th of May 2020 the main parade on the territory of CIS was in Minsk, Belarus Republic. One year after Milex 2019 exhibition new vehicles presented there took part in parade as integral combat units of Belorussian army.
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